Kickstarter Stretch Goal achieved! Last chance to get in on LukeSkiCon & nifty prizes!

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I am elated to announce that as of this morning, I have hit my Kickstarter stretch goal of $5,500!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated, in particular the fan who donated a staggering $2,100 to ensure that we would be put over the top! Looks like I have a lawn to mow. And now...


in the Chicagoland area sometime before Dec. 2013! Besides the "FuMP Fest" concert headlined by Luke Ski and featuring Carrie Dahlby and other members of the FuMP, here are other potential activites we may be doing over the weekend:

* Movie riffing
* Screening rare videos & films from early in Luke's life
* A talent show for the fans to participate in
* Recording things for use in future Luke Ski songs/sketches
* Go to Key Lime Cove indoor water park
* A visit to Galloping Ghost Arcade to play classic 80's video games
* Invade a Karaoke night somewhere and dominate it

* Play the 'Boob Tree'/'Eat Poop You Cat' drawing game

* Luke & Carrie's Bad Rapport podcast LIVE!

...and other stuff we haven't come up with yet.

ANY DONATION AMOUNT will get you on the invite list for LukeSkiCon, or for those of you who can't make it, it'll get you access to the live webstream and/or concert recordings of the "FuMP Fest" Concert! So donate $1! What have you got to lose? Besides a dollar? 🙂


Here's a quick recap of the prizes you can get for donating. Remember, each donation point includes all of the prizes below it in price!

$1 - Shout out on "Luke & Carrie's Bad Rapport" podcast
$5 - Luke draws a full color chibi of you and Luke on a 4x6 card
$25 - Luke records an audio message for your cell phone, podcast, radio show I.D., etc.
$50 - BACON!, and a t-shirt that says "I donated to Luke Ski's Kickstarter and all I got was this lousy t-shIrt, and BACON!"
$100 - A super-detailed full color caricature of you by Luke.
$200 - Luke makes a puppet of you to be featured on the next puppet Bad Rapport YouTube video.
$300 - Luke writes and records a song about you for an exclusive EP CD.
$1,000 - A house concert, and Sara makes you 100 cake balls.
$1,750 - Luke Ski mows your lawn.

(See Luke's Kickstarter page for details and the fine print.)

The Kickstarter ends on SATURDAY, MAY 19TH at NOON CST! So you have less than 24 hours left to donate something to get in on LukeSkiCon and get some nifty prizes! Here is the link to it:

Thank you all again so much to everyone who donated! 😀 Talk to you all again soon,

~ Luke Ski, 5-18-2012

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