“Snoopy” wins Logan Award! WorldCon! New videos! – Luke Ski Update 6/26/2012

Sometimes it feels like so much stuff happens in such a short period of time that I can't keep a handle on it. This is one of those times. Mostly it's good, but I have to start with some sad news this time. A friend to myself and the dementia / Weird Al fan community passed away this week, Susan Parry Whelchel. I have many fond memories of her at Weird Al concerts as well as at OVFF and more recently Con on the Cob. She will be greatly missed.

On a happier note, I recently had a sociopolitical discussion with Alex Rasey. You can see that here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff5y2-mcohs .

Speaking of newborns, why don't you stop by http://drdemento.com/request and submit a request for the song "Pregnancy Is Strange" by Carrie Dahlby? And be sure to include your email address, so it'll count towards this weekend's Top Ten countdown for June 2012! And as always, listen to the show at http://drdemento.com/online.html . It's still the best show ever. Thanks! 😀

And now, onto the news. ~ Luke Ski, 6/26/2012


When it was announced that the nominees for the Logan Award for Outstanding Parody Song of 2011 were "Charlie Sheen" by Power Salad, "If I Could Be Weird Al" by Moneyshot Cosmonauts, "Perform This Way" & "Party In The CIA" by "Weird Al" Yankovic, and "Snoopy The Dogg" by the great Luke Ski, I immediately came to the conclusion that the award was most likely going to one of the two songs by "Weird Al". But it was to my shock and delight that at DeepSouthCon 50 in Huntsville, Alabama on June 16th that Dr. Demento announced that the winner of the 2012 Logan Award for Outstanding Parody Song was "Snoopy The Dogg" by the great Luke Ski. You can watch it happen on Power Salad's Ustream page at the following links:

Logan Awards, Part 1: Dr. Demento talks about Logan Whitehurst (7:43)


Logan Awards, Part 2: The ceremony with live performances (47:22)


I thanked a whole bunch of people in my acceptance speech, so here I will specifically thank this year's jury for the Logan Awards: Dr. Demento, Tom Smith, Anthony LoGatto, Mikey Mason, Jonah Knight, John Heering Jr., and James Allen. You've made another one of my dreams come true, and I am eternally grateful for it.

It's also worth noting that it was announced at the ceremony that the Chair of the 2013 Logan Awards will be me, and that the ceremony will take place at MarsCon 2013 in the Twin Cities, March 1st through 3rd, 2013. Nomination Suggestions will begin promptly on January 1st and end January 15th.

To find out the other winners of the 2012 Logan Awards, visit:



Hello, wonderful Kickstarter donors! Luke Ski here with some updates
for you regarding my Kickstarter, so you can watch the new video I

...and/or you can read this:

--- I sent off the surveys for your Kickstarter prizes Sunday night. If you didn't get the survey, feel free to email me at thegreatlukeski@gmail.com, and I'll send the survey to you that way.

--- I have acquired all of the items for my new AV Concert Rig, and most of the additional tech items from the stretch goal! I'm holding off on the laptop & iPad for now because I may upgrade those two into a MacBook instead, also I want to have funds handy for LukeSkiCon preparation purposes.

--- The tentative date for LUKESKICON is JUNE 21st-23rd, 2013. If any of you know of any big conventions, events, or other reasons why that weekend would not be good to have the convention, please let me know. Again, the convention will be in the Chicagoland area, near Des Plaines, IL..

Thank you all so much again for donating to the Kickstarter and making it so much easier for me to create and perform for you all. I look forward to working on all your prizes and planning LukeSkiCon 2013. Hope to see all you donors there!


Hyatt Regency Chicago - Chicago, IL
August 30th - September 3rd, 2012

Whether you call it WorldCon 2013 or ChiCon 7, it still means the same thing to me, that Luke Ski will be performing at a WorldCon for the first time! My concert is currently scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 4:30 pm in the Plaza room. If that changes, I will let you all know. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to use my new video rig at this show (Union rules), but that won't stop me from performing 75 minutes of my latest and greatest hits for the WorldCon audience! Hope to to see you all in sweet home, Chicago.

  • Hot off the heels of making "The Ballad Of Optimus Prime", Jered "Mr. Tuesday" Perez has struck again with another fan video for a classic Luke Ski song, "Rocky Horror"! Are you a fan of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show"? Do you have other friends online who are as well? Well then for the love of Frank, please tell them all about it! So all you juggalos raise a Faygo toast to Jered Perez for another awesome fanvid! 😀

  • https://registration.gencon.com/events/32218

    Ahem. Here's the number of specific tickets currently sold for GenCon Indy's comedy music related events:

    Thursday Damsels of Dorkington show ----- 177 tickets sold
    Thursday Marc Gunn concert --------------- 75 tickets sold (sold out)
    Friday Damsels of Dorkington panel ------ 124 tickets sold
    "Friday Night Live" show with all of us - 260 tickets sold
    Saturday Mikey Mason concert ------------- 57 tickets sold
    Saturday Damsels of Dorkington show ----- 118 tickets sold
    Saturday Marc Gunn concert -------------- 100 tickets sold (sold out)
    SATURDAY THE GREAT LUKE SKI CONCERT ------ 18 tickets sold <----------
    Saturday Tom Smith concert --------------- 74 tickets sold

    As you can see by the above list, everyone else is kicking my ass. My solo Luke Ski concert has only 18 tickets sold so far. This is my 18th year performing at GenCon. Mikey Mason is making his first appearance, and he's sold 3 times as many tickets as me. Excuse me for a moment while I transform into Chris Farley from the old Herlihy Boys sketches from "Saturday Night Live"... ...SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!!! WHAT IS THE HOLD-UP?!?! CAN WE STOP THIS CRUEL GAME, AND ALLOW LUKE SKI TO KEEP ONE SHRED OF DIGNITY?!?! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, BUY A $2 TICKET FOR LUKE SKI'S SATURDAY NIGHT GENCON CONCERT!!! WHO ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO BUY A TICKET FOR?!?! JO-JO THE IDIOT BOY?!?! HOLY SHNIKEYS!!! COME ON!!!... ...So in conclusion, it would make me really happy if by the time GenCon gets here, I've hit the 100 tickets sold mark. If you already purchased a $2 generic ticket with the intent of using it for my concert, email me at thegreatlukeski@gmail.com and let me know. Thanks. 🙂

  • This album is 37 tracks recorded live at Nerdapalooza 2011, and features me performing "Snoopy The Dogg" as well as "MvL" by Insane Ian with Devo Spice and Luke Ski, along with tracks by the Consortium Of Genius, Brentalfloss, Captain Dan & His Scurvey Crew, Marc With A C, Sci-Fried, Adam Warrock, Schaffer The Darklord, Dual Core, Koo Koo Kanga Roo, and many more! Only $7 for the MP3 version, or $15 for a CD. Get it at: http://nerdapaloozafest.bandcamp.com

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