New FuMP song, Archon, & more!


A new Luke Ski & Carrie Dahlby song at the FuMP!

First, Scooter Picnic did "Kyle, Are You Ian?". Then, Devo Spice & Worm Quartet did "Devo, Are You ShoEboX?" Now, the great Luke Ski & Carrie Dahlby bring you "Luke, Are You Carrie?" Will this be a capper on a trilogy, or a continuation of a meme? Only time will tell. To do your own brain-switched team-up song, get the instrumental on the Sideshow. Lyrics & mixing by Luke Ski. Please note the various micro-cameos by some other FuMP & Sideshow artists in this song. Download this song now on the main page of the FuMP:

  • ARCHON 36

I’m returning to Archon doing my usual Sunday afternoon concert (location TBA), and I’ll have a merch table in Artists Alley, same spot as last year. For details, visit the Tour Dates page, where you can also get details on WorldCon and GenCon Indy. Speaking of which...


As of August 6th, my solo concert has 38 TICKETS SOLD. I’d really like to hit 100 by the time GenCon starts, so please purchase a specific $2 ticket for my concert at this webpage: . If you already purchased a $2 generic ticket with the intent of using it for my concert, email me at and let me know. Thanks.

You can read the rest of the comedy music concert line-up and find links to buy tickets for them on the Tour Dates page.

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