Dementia Revolution

Yes, that's right! Luke Ski has his own streaming funny music program, the "Dementia Revolution", every Thursday night from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm Central Standard Time.

How can you listen? Well start up your Winamp, hit Ctrl-L, and then enter one of the two following addresses:

It is also possible to use other MP3 players to listen, like iTunes, Real Player, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, or Sonique.

Every week, Luke Ski spends 2 hours spinning discs live on the air, and taking your REQUESTS! How can you make a request for "Dementia Revolution"? You can:

  • make requests in the mIRC EFnet chat channel #dementia (the official chat channel for Dementia Radio listeners)
  • via AOL IM to the handle "thegreatLukeSki"
  • or by clicking here.

What kind of stuff does Luke Ski play on his show? Well, he likes to specialize in rare funny stuff very few people have heard before, independent bands and artists like himself that are making a name for themselves in the comedy music world (click here (link to Other Music Acts pg) to see some links to some of those artists), and he will on occasion step up on his soap box and play some of the best comedy hip-hop that exists as he professes the word of his 'Rap Dementia Manifesto'. The main thing to remember is that his show thrives on spontaneity and listener requests, so please get involved and request songs, set themes, show ideas, anything! It's sure as Hell better than sitting around and listening to corporate-controlled brain-sucking radio!

If you'd like to get a weekly e-mail reminder to tune in, sign up for the mailing list.

Well, that's all you need to know! So… Are you ready for the "Dementia Revolution"?!?! If so, we'll see you on Thursday night!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Immediately before "Dementia Revolution" is the fine funny music show, "Madman On The Loose" hosted by Ken Sherlock (7-8pm CST)! So, if you've got the time, tune in early and enjoy the best damn 4 hours of comedy on the whole friggin' Internet!

"Dementia Revolution" and "Madman On The Loose" are programs on the internet-only comedy shoutcasting stream-thingy, "Dementia Radio."

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