Luke Ski Updates

Here are links to all the most recent news from Luke Ski about what he's up to:

2018-01-08 - "Candybars" hits #1 on Funny 25! MarsCon Fund Raiser begins & Free Preview! and much more!

2017-12-24 - New Bad Rapport podcast "Christmas Is Awesome!" full of holiday comedy music!

2017-12-09 - NEWS FLASH: "Mighty MagiSwords" new episodes this weekend (Dec 9 & 10) at the CN website and app!

2017-12-08 - MarsCon 2018 Music Guest Of Honor BRENTALFLOSS! Also Donita Smith & more! followed by Oops! Link correction

2017-11-20 - Please REQUEST "CANDYBARS" TODAY for the Dr. Demento Show!

2017-10-31 - Halloween music in new Bad Rapport! Luke Ski, Library Bards, & TV's Kyle live Nov. 1st in Van Nuys!

2017-10-30 - Please request "Candybars" for "The Dr. Demento Show" TODAY!

2017-09-25 - Please REQUEST "CandyBars" for The Dr. Demento Show TODAY! See Luke Ski live in L.A. area!

2017-08-21 - Please REQUEST "CandyBars" for The Dr. Demento Show TODAY! ConFusion 2018 GoH!

2017-07-10 - New "Bad Rapport"! New FuMP "The Crance"! Tons of "Mighty MagiSwords" news!

2017-05-25 - New song "ROGUE" on "May The Farce Be With You" Star Wars 40th Ann. compilation, just $5.25 on 5/25!

2017-05-22 - Please request "Candybars" for "The Dr. Demento Show" TODAY!

2017-05-01 - "Candybars" hits #2 on Dr. D's Top Ten! New "Bad Rapport"! May 31st deadline for FuMPFeST 2017 registration

2017-04-24 - Please REQUEST "CANDYBARS" by Luke Ski for the Dr. Demento Show!

2017-04-19 - New Luke Ski song "CANDYBARS" at the FuMP!

2017-03-26 - New "Bad Rapport"! March 31st deadline for FuMPFeST 2017 registration & ordering Power Salad's Vinyl LP!

2017-03-10 - FuMPFeST info! New track at the FuMP! Mighty Magi-News! Old ladies hip-hop dancing! And more!

2017-01-30 - MarsCon deadlines: Pre-Reg 1/31, Hotel 2/2, Fund Raider @ 72%! New "MagiSwords" ep. by Luke on Friday!

2017-01-10 - Luke Ski #6 on Funny 25! FuMP's 10th Anniversary! Dr. Demento Show interview! MarsCon 2017 Fund Raiser launched

2016-12-21 - Announcing MarsCon 2017's Comedy & Music Guest Of Honor! New "Bad Rapport"!

2016-11-21 - Please REQUEST "I'm Vambre Warrior" for "The Dr. Demento Show" today!

2016-11-11 - Luke Ski's episode "Gotta Get Grup To Get Down" airs today on Cartoon Network's "Mighty MagiSwords"!

2016-11-08 - 10 new "Mighty MagiSwords" episodes! REQUEST "I'm Vambre Warrior"! New FuMP cover song

2016-10-31 - Please REQUEST "I'm Vambre Warrior" for "The Dr. Demento Show" today!

2016-10-20 - New "Mighty MagiSwords" tonight! New "Bad Rapport"! REQUEST "I'm Vambre Warrior"!

2016-09-30 - New FuMP/video: "I'M VAMBRE WARRIOR", Luke Ski's "Mighty MagiSwords" tribute with Carrie Dahlby!

2016-09-29 - "Mighty MagiSwords" premieres TODAY on Cartoon Network!

2016-09-19 - "Mighty MagiSwords" hits TV Sept. 29! New "Bad Rapport"! New FuMP! REQUEST "1,000 FuMPs"!

2016-08-05 - FuMPFeST 2016 hotel room block deadline is today! Reserve your room now!

2016-08-01 - FuMPFeST 2016 hotel room block & pre-reg deadline is this Friday, August 5th

2016-07-05 - Please request "1,000 FuMPs" for "The Dr. Demento Show"!

2016-06-13 - "Mighty MagiSwords": IT'S A TV SHOW! New "Bad Rapport", and more!

2016-05-13 - FuMPFeST 2016: early reg. prices end Saturday night!

2016-05-04 - "Grease Wars" concert / music video finally on YouTube! Share it, you will!

2016-02-22 - Request "1,000 FuMPs"! New "Bad Rapport"! New acts announced for MarsCon 2016!

2016-01-25 - MarsCon 2016 Dementia Track & Fund Raiser! Request "1,000 FuMPs"! Jan. Subscriber Drive