Luke Ski Top 50

These are the great Luke Ski's Top 50 most popular comedy songs / tracks as voted on by his fans in October 2023. Click on the title to go to that song at Luke Ski's Bandcamp page where you can listen to it for free, purchase it if you wish, and read its lyrics.

# ~ Title ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Album ~~~~~~ Greatest Hits Vol. ~ Video

~#1~Stealing Like A HobbitWorst Album Ever1Video
2When You Wish Upon A Death Star4th Grade Talent ShowVideo
3Grease WarsunCONVENTIONal2Video
4It's A Fanboy ChristmasUber Geek1Video
5Insane And The BrainCarpe Dementia1Video
6Marvel PoppinsBe Amused By MeVideo
7Spider Verses (collab with Devo Spice, Creative Mind Frame, Insane Ian, Bonnie Gordon, TV's Kyle, & Lex The Lexicon Artist)Needlessly MetaVideo
8Fake Adult4th Grade Talent Show
9House Party At Arkham AsylumWorst Album Ever1Video
10Fanboy // RemakeUber Geek1Video
11Snoopy The DoggBe Amused By MeVideo
12What's Up Spock? // Remix // First VersionCarpe Dementia / unCONVENTIONal / Psycho Potpourri! Excerpts and Other Stuff1Video
13You Don't Know JackBACONspiracy!2Video
14I'm Vambre WarriorNeedlessly MetaVideo
15You Might Be A Trekkie // RemakeCarpe Dementia1
16CandybarsNeedlessly Meta
1788 Lines About 44 SimpsonsWorst Album Ever1
18My Parents Bought Me Intellivision (collab with Insane Ian)Too Much Stuff2Video
19Vader BoyunCONVENTIONal2Video
20It's A Fanboy Christmas 2: The Wrath Of ClausBACONspiracy!2
21One Night In Quark's BarBACONspiracy!2
22Sneaking Snacks Into The Cinema (collab with Flat 29 & Carrie Dahlby)Be Amused By Me
23Peter ParkerUber Geek1Video
24Scoob4th Grade Talent ShowVideo
25Bender RobotoUber Geek1
26It's Good To Be The KingBe Amused By MeVideo
27Star Wars Trilogy Homesick BluesCarpe Dementia1Video
28Too Much StuffToo Much Stuff2
29Dementia Revolution (collab with MC Lars)BACONspiracy!2Video
30The Hanna Barbera PolkaBe Amused By MeVideo
31Skeksis BackPsycho Potpourri! Excerpts and Other StuffVideo
32It's A Fanboy Christmas 3: Return Of The MagiBe Amused By Me
33Spock StarToo Much Stuff2
35We're Goin' To The Dells (The Wisconsin Dells)Too Much Stuff
36We Are The FuMPPsycho Potpourri! Excerpts and Other Stuff
371,000 FuMPsNeedlessly MetaVideo
38The Twilight ZoneNeedlessly MetaVideo
39Spam (Let The Pork Be Pork) // RemakePsycho Potpourri! Excerpts and Other Stuff
40No Sleep Till BabylonTarget: Audience2
41A Man Named JayneunCONVENTIONal2Video
42I Didn't Have Time To Rehearse ThisNeedlessly Meta
43Baby Got BrakCarpe Dementia1
44Gowron Said Knock You Out // RemakePsycho Potpourri! Excerpts and Other Stuff1
45Gettin' Giggity Wit ItBACONspiracy!2Video
46I'd Buy That For A Dollar // 2nd Mix (collab with TV's Kyle & Insane Ian)4th Grade Talent ShowVideo
47The Chainsaw Juggler (cover, featuring The FuMP)Target: Audience
48WalkingSillyBe Amused By MeVideo
49It Takes WhoBACONspiracy!2Video
50Holding Out For HiroTarget: Audience2Video
51Quite A Man For An 'AL' FanCarpe Dementia1
52Sex Kittens From MarsunCONVENTIONal2
53Wreckin' By The Book (The Cake Wrecks Song) (collab with Carrie Dahlby)Be Amused By MeVideo
54It's Hot As Balls Outside (collab with Cirque du So What?)Needlessly Meta
55Drivin' For LyftNeedlessly Meta
56Murder Was The PlayPsycho Potpourri! Excerpts and Other Stuff1
57Mystery Science Theater Picture ShowCarpe Dementia1
58Geeks Of The IndustryunCONVENTIONal2
59Paywutchyalike (collab with Devo Spice)4th Grade Talent Show
60Cat Named Flo (collab with TV's Kyle & Insane Ian)Needlessly Meta
61The Ballad Of Optimus PrimeWorst Album Ever1Video
62Rocky HorrorCarpe Dementia1Video
63Y.O.D.A.Carpe Dementia1
64Gory Gory HallelujahToo Much Stuff2
65Titanic MondayCarpe Dementia
66The Dada SlideToo Much Stuff2
67MC FrebergBACONspiracy!2
68My Baby's In Love With Jon BermudaPsycho Potpourri! Excerpts and Other Stuff
69Because of Bob4th Grade Talent Show
70Second Week Of Deer Camp (Da Yoopers cover)The FuMP dot com
71My Favorite PartToo Much Stuff2Video
72Wannabe A SlayerUber Geek1Video
73The Star Wars Chanukah SongPsycho Potpourri! Excerpts and Other StuffVideo
74Star Wars Prequel Homesick BluesunCONVENTIONal2Video
75Map LightunCONVENTIONal2
76This Is What Happens When You Give Logan A Medley (Logan Whitehurst cover medley)4th Grade Talent Show
77Small Round YodaNeedlessly MetaVideo
78Progressive Love SongNeedlessly Meta
79The Spongy DanceunCONVENTIONal2
80Neurotica4th Grade Talent Show
81All You Can TweetBe Amused By Me
82the great Luke SkiBACONspiracy!2
83Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons Theme Song (collab with TV's Kyle)Needlessly Meta
84Fangirls, Shake That Booty! (collab with Hot Waffles)Worst Album Ever1
85Another One Rides The Bus ("Weird Al" Yankovic cover)The FuMP dot com
86Ice King BabyNeedlessly MetaVideo
87ToysNeedlessly Meta
88Run Barry RunNeedlessly MetaVideo
89Who Let The Frog Out?Uber Geek1
90Because I'm JediWorst Album Ever1
91C'mon Ride The BusUber Geek1
92OMGWTFBBQTarget: Audience
93The T-Rex Song (Director's Cut) (collab with the Nostalgia Critic)4th Grade Talent Show
94CosPlaying FanGurls (collab with Insane Ian)Be Amused By MeVideo
95FuMP-In / A Middle East Country, A Middle East Mountain Troll (collab with Project Sisyphus & Spaff)Target: Audience
96CornholioCarpe Dementia1
97Use The ForceUber Geek
98Wilbur RobinsonTarget: Audience
99Jack BauerTarget: Audience2
100She's Kara Zor-ElNeedlessly MetaVideo

New Luke Ski songs made after this poll was conducted:

The Ghost And Molly McGeeOctober 10, 2023Video