“Worst Tribute Ever” Luke Ski tribute album, Bad Rapport “Best of 2012″ CD and Video Episode #3 are things that exist.

Right now I'm all like, 'GAAAAH WUT I DON'T EVEN?!??!??! O_O'. You'll understand why as you read the post-LukeSkiCon-2013 news below. ~ Luke Ski, 6/27/13


At the Kickstarter-stretch-goal-induced weekend-long party called LukeSkiCon 2013, Carrie Dahlby surprised Luke Ski by presenting to him as a gift this 2-CD set that she produced full of tracks by many of Luke's friends from the Funny Music Project (The FuMP .com), complete with an introduction by Dr. Demento himself! It's straight covers and re-imaginings of songs spanning Luke's whole career, including some rarities that Luke wishes everyone had forgotten about. Luke considers many of these tracks to be improvements on the originals, and encourages you to partake in this collection whose existence continues to flabbergast him. Total length: 1:37:38

1. Dr. Demento - Intro
2. Scooter Picnic - Fangirls, Shake That Booty!
3. Blythe Renay - Holding Out For Hiro
4. Tom Smith - BACON! (John Denver As A Mofo Version)
5. Flat 29 - Murder Was The Play
6. the Gothsicles - House Party At Arkham Asylum (mini-cover version)
7. Devo Spice - Resistance
8. John Mapes - Map Light
9. DJ Particle - What's Up Spock? (Narada Timey Wimey Mix)
10. Worm Quartet - W.F.S.
11. Possible Oscar - Born To Lose
12. Tony Goldmark - You Don't Know Jack

1. Beth Kinderman
And The Player Characters - All I Want To Do Is Shoot Some Guns
2. Eric Coleman - Fanboy Prison Nightmare
3. The Consortium Of Genius - LUKE SKI!
4. Will "scifantasy" Frank - You Might Be A Trekkie (Live In Circle)
5. Carrie Dahlby - Titanic Monday
6. TV's Kyle - House Party At Arkham Asylum
7. Art Paul Schlosser - Fruit Loops
8. The Chris Waffle Explosion - Crackas In Paris (White Boy Rap 2013)
9. Dino-Mike - My Favorite Part
10. Soggy Potato Chips - No Sleep Till Babylon
11. Insane Ian - I Love You, TiVo
12. Devo Spice - Bacon 2: Electric Boogaloo
13. Crush Groove, featuring Seamonkey - The Weed Fart Song

2-CD set with MP3 download - $15.00 plus shipping: Click here!
MP3 download only - $9.99: Click here!

But before you order that, read this...


This is a collection of spoken word excerpts from Bad Rapport, the podcast co-hosted by Luke Ski and Carrie Dahlby, spanning their episodes from 2012. Featuring appearances by their friends, spouses, and colleagues from The FuMP. All the best more-than-tolerable moments from Luke & Carrie in 2012!

CD with MP3 download - $9.99 plus shipping: Click here!
MP3 download only - $4.99: Click here!

But before you order that, also read this...


The first 17 people who order both the "Worst Tribute Ever" CD and the "Luke & Carrie's Bad Rapport: Best Of 2012" CD will get the "Luke & Carrie's Bad Rapport: Best Of 2011" CD thrown in for FREE!

Okay, NOW you can order! 😀



Comedy musicians the great Luke Ski and Carrie Dahlby are back with another puppet-laden truncated video installment of their podcast. In this special episode, the 11 people who donated $200 or more to Luke's Kickstarter last year appear in puppet form to ask the cast questions and make comments, which is why this episode ended up being 39 minutes long. This episode has new comedy music videos featuring tracks by Flat 29, Carrie Dahlby, Art Paul Schlosser, TV's Kyle, Power Salad, Worm Quartet, Scooter Picnic, & the great Luke Ski!

Full version (39 min): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQL0G_ZeJSY
Just the songs (14 min): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPXeqN3szKc


Jered "Mr. Tuesday" Perez does it again by making a fan video that I have wanted to exist since I wrote the original version of the song in 1995, "Insane And The Brain"! Jared has clips from every episode of "Pinky And The Brain" (and no clips of Elmyra) in this awesome visual display that is sure to make your cerebral cortex go ZORT, POIT, EGAD, and of course, NARF. And the Brain would say, "YES!" Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRcALRy050Q

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