Luke Ski’s 11th album “4th Grade Talent Show” available now!

My 11th full length comedy album "4th Grade Talent Show" is available on CD and as a digital download RIGHT NOW at !

This CD has the Logan Award winning Disney-buys-Star-Wars parody medley"When You Wish Upon A Death Star", as well as my 2014 hit from the Dr. Demento Show, "Fake Adult". It also has tributes to Scooby Doo, 80's media franchise mascots, a Tyrannosaurus, and a deep dive into the dark crevices of my mind, if you dare to go there with me. The album features appearances by Devo Spice, Insane Ian, Carrie Dahlby, TV's Kyle, Lindsay Smith, Tony Goldmark, a whole lot of folks from the FuMP, and Doug Walker "The Nostalgia Critic"! It's 70 minutes of content for $10 + shipping on CD, or $8 digitally.

Here's what a bunch of people who are totally-in-the-bag-for-Luke Ski have to say about "4th Grade Talent Show":

"I love the recurring 'D.P.I.' bits!" ~ Devo Spice

"I laughed! I cried! I smashed things in anger! I set fire to a bus full of war heroes! What were we talking about?" ~ Tony Goldmark

"This is the best Luke Ski album since the last one. Maybe even the one before that. Some of the best original and parody songs of Luke's career." - Insane Ian

"Destined to be the first comedy album in decades to hit #1 on Billboard! Wait, what?" ~ Tony Goldmark

"[This] new album rules in the most rulingness of ways." ~ Kornflake (The Flopcast)

"The new 'the great Luke Ski' album, "4th Grade Talent Show", is quite possibly his best album yet." ~ Tony Goldmark

"I've always considered my brother to be a creative genius.  This may not be widely held belief by most people and that's a shame. Then again, most people believe that Maroon 5 and the new Transformers movies are great. So really, who cares what most people think? You, fair listener, are one of the lucky ones who can horde this wordy, nerdy maniac and come to love him as I have, not at a distance but out of resistance to the boring, snoring music and media all around. Luke speaks my language, I suspect he speaks yours too. So, buy his damn album already! " ~Michael Sienkowski ("Sleeping In The Aviary", "Eyebeams")

"Legend." ~ a can of Coke Zero 

"Can't stop listening to "4th Grade Talent Show"! The songs have been taking turns getting stuck in my head, and I'm loving every minute of it... I catch myself singing Ivanova randomly, and I also catch myself singing the T-Rex song... oftentimes when I'm at work, and out of earshot from the boss." ~ Kornflake of "The Flopcast"

""Fake Adult" is so far the #1 song of the year on Mad Music Dementia Top 20, another reason to get that album!" ~ DJ Particle

"As someone lucky enough to score one of these [albums] at Orlando Nerd Fest today, and seeing Luke perform the songs live, I've another take on it. Luke has a few songs that are not simply funny, not exactly Dementia, not quite Nerdcore. One of them (I'll let you discover which one) is as introspective and meaningful as something from Jonathan Coulton. (And like JoCo's work, it's thoughtful and wise, not depressing at all.) In it, Luke gives us a look inside his soul, and it hit me hard. It's something I've been through in my life... Don't get me wrong, there's still lots of fun stuff on the CD. But this song proves that Luke is more than smart and more than funny. It's a daring step, and I was privileged to see him perform it. Thanks, Luke." ~ Tom Reed of Cartoon Geeks Blog

"If your imagination can go from "I think I got a paper cut" to "Autopsy results" in 0 seconds flat, you'll love Luke Ski's new song "Neurotica!"" ~ Carrie Dahlby (Luke Ski's biggest fan, circa 2004 - 2006)

""4th Grade Talent Show" is the best all-natural mayonnaise substitute I've ever accidentally stuffed up my nose thinking it was a bag of clowns. It contains appearances by both me and my son, meaning that technically the disc contains more Shoebox DNA than the first three Worm Quartet albums, but there are less-compelling reasons to purchase it as well. Personal highlights: "Fake Adult" is a fun ode to the fact that this 40-year-old artist still wakes up at 5am on Christmas morning and jumps up and down until the female authority figure in his house lets him open his new Transformers, and is served with equal parts self-deprecation and f*** you, as it should be. "Orko, Slimer, Wicket, and Snarf" is a glorious ode to the sneering and strangely-enduring unnecessary hatred of the comedy relief characters some of us enjoyed the crap out of (or "out of whom some of us enjoyed the crap?" Meh. Moving on...) as kids, "Angry Nerds," another fun attack on needless nerd rage, contains what I've decided to interpret as a direct shot at me, as I did in fact initially give up on Marvel's "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D." after a few episodes because dammit Luke some of us don't generally have time to devote nineteen hours to watching something just to see if it gets better and the fact that you were dead-on right in this case is immaterial, and this interpretation makes it rather ironic that "Neurotica" is probably my favorite Luke Ski song ever, as it gives us a rather personal and amusing look into the mind of the only man in history to ever ruin a Kenny Loggins song.  Much as Luke himself is held together by an odd glue of ego tempered with Catholic guilt, this disc is held together by a unique mix of heart, snark, anti-snark, and an endearing defense of things that most people wouldn't bother defending. I don't recall the last time Luke put out a disc I enjoyed this much. Purchasing it is an activity in which you should probably engage if you enjoy things." ~ ShoEboX of Worm Quartet

"Honey mustard." ~ Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad

Thanks everyone, and until next time, welcome to the "4th Grade Talent Show". 🙂

~ Luke Ski, 8/8/2014

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