Get the MarsCon 2015 Dementia Track cartoon t-shirt ASAP!

MarsCon 2015′s theme  is “Heroes and Wizards and Fae, Oh My!” So, can you name all the Dementia Track participants and the Wizard Of Oz characters they represent? For a closer look at the individual drawings, go to the “Performers” page:

MarsCon 2015 cartoon t-shirt web 600

To order your T-shirt through Spreadshirt, just follow this link:

We also now have a full-color version of our logo t-shirt:

MarsCon Dementia Track color logo t-shirt web

Please note also that nobody (besides Spreadshirt) is making any money off of these shirts. They are not a part of the Dementia Track Fund Raiser, they are just being made because the fans wanted nifty shirts to wear. Special thanks also to “Blasted Bill” Putt  for setting up the shirts for us on the Dementia Radio Spreadshirt account. Artwork by Lindsay Carrozza, Kyle Carrozza, & Luke Sienkowski.

I'd like to apologize for not getting this year's MarsCon Dementia Track cartoon t-shirt done any earlier than now. I have been multitasking like crazy for the past month, mostly working on MarsCon-related things. The good news is, it is up for sale now, the bad news is, if you want to have one to wear at MarsCon this year, you'll need to ORDER IT RIGHT NOW, or at least in the next couple of days (I recommend by February 18th at the latest). Again, I apologize for the delay, and I hope you all will pick up the cartoon shirt, as well as the new color MDT logo t-shirt also available at the Dementia Radio Spreadhirt page.

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