What’s Luke Plugging Now? – 9/28/2015

- "Mighty Magiswords" Episodes #7 & #8 are up at the Cartoon Network website!
Prohyas and Vambre on Hoverswords with logo 400
The latest two 3-minute long episodes of "Mighty MagiSwords" have been posted up at Cartoon Network's website: "Zombie Reasonable", and "Attacktus"! They can also be watched on the Cartoon Network App, and on some cable video on demand services. You can watch them on the web here, click on 'Shorts': http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/video/magiswords/episodes/index.html

- Luke Ski & Tony Goldmark appear on trivia podcast game show "Buzzer In My Pants"!
Over the month of September, John Norton's trivia podcast game show "Buzzer In My Pants" has been posting episodes featuring Luke Ski & Tony Goldmark as "Team FuMP" versus a Hawaiian duo known as "Team Aloha". The weekly general topic themes were "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air", "Super Mario Brothers", "The Muppets", and "Heroes: Reborn". How did Luke & Tony fare in this battle of frivolous knowledge? Find out by listening to episodes 13 through 16 at: http://www.buzzerinmypants.com !

Please check out and donate to the following fund-raising type things being done by my creative friends so more cool art and comedy can exist on this planet! I donated to all of these, so you should too!

- "HALLOWEEN WITH THE FUMP" album on sale for just $6.49!
Halloween With The FuMP cover 400
- Get ready for All Hallows Eve with the spooky comedy music compilation album "Halloween With the FuMP", on sale until the end of September for just $6.49 in the FuMP store! http://www.thefump.com/store_release.php?id=139

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