Some literally late far-from-breaking news from Luke Ski

I apologize for my blatant lack of regular news updates here. The best way to get up to date info on what's going on with me is to follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook. I also would like you to encourage you to sign up for my e-mailing list, which is how I create updates like the recent ones posted below. Some of that info is out of date by now (the Funny 25 already happened, so don't worry about requesting "Candybars" anymore), but you can still find out what I've been up to lately at the links below. More MarsCon news coming soon, and I'll see many of you soon at ConFusion! 😀 ~ Luke

NEW! 2018-01-08 - "Candybars" hits #1 on Funny 25! MarsCon Fund Raiser begins & Free Preview! and much more!

2017-12-24 - New Bad Rapport podcast "Christmas Is Awesome!" full of holiday comedy music!

2017-12-09 - NEWS FLASH: "Mighty MagiSwords" new episodes this weekend (Dec 9 & 10) at the CN website and app!

2017-12-08 - MarsCon 2018 Music Guest Of Honor BRENTALFLOSS! Also Donita Smith & more! followed by Oops! Link correction

2017-11-20 - Please REQUEST "CANDYBARS" TODAY for the Dr. Demento Show!

2017-10-31 - Halloween music in new Bad Rapport! Luke Ski, Library Bards, & TV's Kyle live Nov. 1st in Van Nuys!

2017-10-30 - Please request "Candybars" for "The Dr. Demento Show" TODAY!


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