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That's right! I finally got with the times, and you can now listen to and/or purchase all of my main discography on Spotify and all the other most popular streaming services! Please go click on Like / Favorite / Subscribe / Flibbledee-floo or whatever they call it for "the great Luke Ski" and all your favorite Luke Ski albums and/or tracks! Here's some direct links to them:


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…and as always Bandcamp: http://lukeski.bandcamp.com

The most recent Luke Ski Updates:

2024-02-13 - MarsCon 2024 Comedy Music Track & Fund Raiser! The FuMP Desecrates Tom Lehrer! "CHICKEN!"

Welcome to the official webpage of 'the great Luke Ski', maker of comedy music for pop-culture geeks!

The best way to get up-to-date breaking news on what's currently going on with me is to follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter, and you can also sign up to support me at my Patreon page!  I also would like you to encourage you to sign up for my E-Mailing List (in the right column), which is how I create the updates I post.

You can see some of my music videos at my YouTube page, and my music can be found at Bandcamp and at the Funny Music Project, a.k.a. "The FuMP", which gives away 2 new free comedy songs every week as MP3 downloads by a collective of acts currently making funny songs for internet shows like "The Dr. Demento Show" and a multitude of podcasts. 

Speaking of podcasts, I am the co-host of three. "Kyle & Luke Talk About Toons", a fortnightly animation show with co-host "TV's Kyle" Carrozza. Another is a random chat show with one of my best friends featuring comedy music which gets posted whenever I have the time to edit it, "Luke & Carrie's Bad Rapport" with Carrie Dahlby. And "The Funny Music Podcast" with co-host Devo Spice, where we interview the 2 acts who posted new comedy songs that week at TheFuMP.com, which we record live weekly each Thursday night at 9pm EST / 6pm PST on the streaming audio comedy music station Dementia Radio dot org.

At MarsCon, a sci-fi convention held in the Twin Cities MN in early March, I am the chair of the comedy music main stage entertainment, which we call the MarsCon Comedy Music Track. I am also the Co-Chair of the FuMP's own weekend-long yearly fall comedy music event near Cleveland/Akron called FuMPFeST, chaired by Devo Spice. Each year typically one of these two conventions hosts an event called "The Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards for Excellence In Comedy Music", a concert/ceremony celebrating & awarding some of the best comedy music of the previous year.

I also recorded three sketch comedy albums with my colleages Devo Spice, ShoEboX of "Worm Quartet", and Chris Mezzolesta of "Power Salad" under the group name "Cirque du So What?". Note: The CdSW sketch albums are R-Rated, unlike my comedy music which tends to stay in the PG to PG-13 range, so consider yourself warned before checking it out. Those albums came out in 2010~2012, and we hope to record another in the not too distant future.

And now for something completely different...

I was a storyboard artist, revisionist, & writer on Cartoon Network's "Mighty MagiSwords", created by Kyle A. Carrozza. I also got to do voices for some of the characters on the show, including Skullivan, Docky Boardman, Nyando, Number Nine, Cattus the Oneblade, and Pugcake. The show is available to purchase digitally on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, & Google Play.

I'm currently looking for work as a storyboard artist or revisionist on a new show, so if you're interested in hiring me, please visit my professional Storyboard Resume Portfolio page, and my LinkedIn page. I am also SAG/AFTRA, so I am available for voice-over work as well. You can hear & see my VO Demo and download them as MP3 or MP4 at my Voice-Over page.

To check out my artwork, I have a Tumblr page, as well as a DeviantArt page, and if you're interested in hiring me to create commissioned artwork (or hire me as a caricature artist for parties in the L.A. area), visit my website Art by Luke Ski dot com. I also have an Instagram, but it's pretty random (sometimes art, sometime pics of me being dumb, sometimes my cat Q*bert, etc.)

Thanks so much for visiting my page, and supporting my style of nerdy comedy music!

~ Luke Ski

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