You’re a SMEG HEAD!!!

On October 4th, the small rouge one returns! If you're lucky enough to be living in England, then you'll be able to watch the long awaited, all new 10th season of the classic sci-fi sitcom "Red Dwarf" on the channel called 'Dave'! Since it's not airing on BBC America, us yanks will have to acquire it in other less direct ways. In any case, to mark this occasion, I am posting my tribute song "Smeg Head" at the FuMP, and posting the fan video I made for it on YouTube. So please check it out, and if you haven't seen "Red Dwarf", the first 9 seasons are available on Netflix DVD & streaming. Click here to check out the video!

Lyrics by the great Luke Ski
Music by Kyle Carrozza & Austin Aeschliman
Mixdown by Kyle Carrozza
From my 2011 album "Be Amused By Me", available here on the Store page.

Welcome to my website, British people! Please check out my other songs here in tribute to Doctor Who, Monty Python, Harry Potter, Hamlet, Lord Of The Rings, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a parody of a song from "Mary Poppins"!

And to all the Americans, check out my Tour Dates page for info on new tour dates, including Archon in St. Louis, WindyCon in Chicago, Comics for Comics in Pittsburgh, and Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee.

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