MarsCon 2013 Dementia Track Fund Raiser 3-CD and/or MP3 album now available!

As we have done every year since 2008, I have scoured through all 11+ hours of the live comedy music concerts from MarsCon 2012 and put together a 4-hour-long 3-CD set / MP3 album of all the best performances and funniest moments from last year's convention. All the proceeds from this Fund Raiser go towards covering the hotel room costs of the non-Guest-of-Honor Dementia Track performers, "Table 27" dealer room fees, and other Dementia Track related expenses. This year's collection has tracks by TVs Kyle, Cirque du So What?, Worm Quartet, the Gothsicles, Seamonkey, Possible Oscar, the Boobles, Dino-Mike, Consortium Of Genius, Devo Spice, the great Luke Ski, Power Salad, Feng Shui Ninjas, Beth Kinderman, DJ Particle, Jeff Reuben, Brett Glass, and Derwood Bowen! The track list for this year's collection can be seen on the order page for the 3-CD set.

It's $20 for the download-only version: CLICK HERE

And it's $30 for the 3-CD set with instant downloadCLICK HERE

Over at the Bad Rapport podcast page, I've posted a 35 minute free preview of the MarsCon 2013 Dementia Track Fund Raiser 3-CD & MP3 album.

All of our previous year's collections are still available in the Fundraiser Shop as MP3 downloads, and many of them are still available on CD as well.  So please help us out and order the MarsCon 2013 Dementia Track Fund Raiser album today.

Special thanks to all of the MarsCon 2012 performers, as well as Wayne Garmil, Chris Peterson, Byron Lee, DJ Particle, Mike Beucler, and Jered Perez for providing me with the live recordings from MarsCon 2012. These collections wouldn't happen without your help, which is very much appreciated by myself, the Dementia Track performers, and the Dementia Radio listeners.


Link to MarsCon 2013 long commercial (6:17):

Link to MarsCon 2013 short commercial #1 (1:18):

Link to MarsCon 2013 short commercial #2 (1:17):

It would greatly appreciated if you’d be willing to play any of the commercials above on your shows. Thanks!

  • Other Dementia Track events:

A couple of our returning events have changed days & times, so please make note of that everyone...


Friday at Midnight in the A.V. Club Room

Every year Dementia Radio DJ and pro wrestling fan Jered Perez uses the latest WWE video games to create avatars of all of the acts appearing at the MarsCon Dementia Track. Then he records them fighting against one another in a 30 minute Battle Royal to see who will be crowned the champion of “Dementia Smackdown Wrestling”! So come root for your favorite act, and witness the virtual violence and senseless slaughter for silly supremacy! Featuring live commentary by DSW commentators Commissioner J.P. Tuesday (Jered Perez) and Duke ‘Flyboy’ DuJour (Luke Ski). Snap into it! Oooh yeah!


Saturday at 10 AM in the Karaoke Krypt

The one and only DJ Particle will host this event that puts YOU in the spotlight! It’ll be your chance to get up in front of the crowd and show your demented stuff! Are you an up and coming dementia artist with some songs to sing? Are you a Karaoke fanatic who loves to sing your favorite funny tunes? Do you and your friends want to do a lip-sync to the latest demented hit? Then this is the show for you! If you’d like to sign up, just show up and bring any background music you need to perform with either on CD or in MP3 format on a Flash Drive. We’ll put your name in a hat along with our other participants, and we’ll pull names out at random to determine the order of our first rotation. Once we’ve gotten through the first rotation, we’ll go through it again giving people who want to more chances to perform. So bring your talent and creativity and be a Dementia Star!


Saturday at Noon in the Fuji panel room

Since 2009, our music Guests Of Honor Flat 29 have been doing a podcast called "Big Book Of Everything" in which they'd talk about a specific topic, and create a new song on that topic, and also do quizzes, challenges, and generally just goof around riffing on whatever comes to mind. More recently, they started a companion sketch comedy podcast called "Fistbumpin'", where they do sketches based on the previous "Big Book Of Everything" topic. Well at MarsCon, the lads are going to record some segments for future episodes of their podcasts, so you can come be in the live studio audience and join in the fun! So bring your Peri Peri Sauce, and get ready for some British accented fun!


Now that 2012 is over, it's time to celebrate the best comedy music of the year with the 2013 Logan Awards! The website has been updated, and the "Nomination Form" page is now open.  Be sure to check out what songs have already been suggested on the "Open Nominations" page first, so you don't nominate songs that have already been nominated. Our categories are once again Outstanding Parody Song, Outstanding Original Comedy Song, and Outstanding Comedy Music Video. This year's esteemed Jurors are Dr. Demento “Blasted Bill” Putt, Kristen Kerouac, a.k.a. “Kornflake”, John “Hex” Carter, DJ Particle, Jeff Smith, and Tony Goldmark. You can learn all about them at the Juror page.

The Nominee Suggestion period will be from January 1st through January 14th, 2013. After that, our jurors will pick their favorites from January 15th through 28th. The five Nominees in each of our three categories will be announced during the live recording of “The Funny Music Podcast” on Dementia Radio on January 31st, 2013. The 3rd Annual Logan Awards Ceremony will be held at MarsCon 2013 in Bloomington, MN on Saturday March 2nd at 4:00 pm as a part of the MarsCon Dementia Track.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go to the Nomination Form and start submitting your favorite comedy songs of 2012, and please spread the word to your comedy music loving friends online about it!


Here's who's performing on the Main Stage at MarsCon 2013, and when:

7:00 pm – Opening Ceremonies, with sketch by Luke Ski & Earl Luckes
9:45 pm – STEVE GOODIE
10:15 pm – INSANE IAN
10:45 pm – TVs KYLE
11:15 pm – WORM QUARTET

2:45 pm – FLAT 29 – Music Guest of Honor concert (60 min)
4:00 pm – 3rd ANNUAL LOGAN AWARDS (90 min)

1:00 pm - MAX DEGROOT
1:30 pm – POWER SALAD
2:00 pm – MIKEY MASON
3:00 pm – DEMENTIA SMACKDOWN (60 min)

Yes, furry filker MAX DEGROOT will be doing a main stage concert, joining our list of other Main Stage first-timers; nerdy comedy rocker & stand-up comedian MIKEY MASON, and Music Guests Of Honor FLAT 29, the British comedy music trio doing their first ever performance in the United States!!! 😀 (Music GoH sponsored by Dementia Radio .org!) For links to all of these band's websites, click on their names anywhere on this website.


Our huge double-wide merch table for the acts of the MarsCon Dementia Track is returning once again, and we need people to staff it. In exchange for your services, you’ll get a free badge into MarsCon for the weekend. Table 27 is just outside the doors to the Main Stage room, and will be open during the Dementia Track concerts. We will do our best to make sure our volunteers don’t miss out on anything at MarsCon they really want to see or do. Our goal is to have 2 or 3 people behind the table at all times when it is open, so if we have 6 volunteers, that should be easy to figure out. So if you’re willing to give us some of your time at MarsCon to help the Dementia Track in exchange for a free weekend badge, email Jean Prior at . Thanks.


Weekend badges for MarsCon 2013 are $50 until Jan 31, after that they will cost $65 at the door. You can preregister now at the MarsCon website.

Thanks for reading everyone, I'll be back with more updates as new information comes. 🙂

~ Luke Ski, 1/8/2013
Chair of the MarsCon Dementia Track

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